Linda Rohrbough, Strategic Pricing Specialist

Linda Rohrbough Strategic Pricing Specialist

100 Connemara Drive Cary, NC

I'm a writer who loves real estate. My author website is I have relocated a number of times across the US, so helping people find their perfect space is important to me. When I see a new house, I always want to know the story behind it. I am known at a writer's conference for being the one off looking at open houses when other writers are at the casino or the bar. I think a great story helps sell a house and there are lots of ways to tell it -- from the price (I'm a Strategic Pricing Specialist(R)), to the description, to the photos. Everything contributes to the unique story behind that property. It's those stories and using my knowledge of the substantial Internet tools at my disposal to tell the story in photos and in text, that helps me sell houses in record time, often without a second showing. I believe buyers are smart and the more information they have about a home, realistically presented, the more likely the home is to get offers after a single showing. I also think like an investor, which means I help my buyers consider resale when they buy. For me, it's all about the story. Hence my tag line, "Every home has a story. Let me write yours."

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